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Horoscope Astrology 2012

" The Journey of the Spiritual Warrior Begins "

The Year 2011 presents us with visions that promise prosperity and growth for a larger sector of the populace through innovation and advancement. Great hope must confront the force of deep-rooted resistance and political hypocrisy; yet the year ends with us moving toward needed economic and cultural reorganization.

During January, tensions between the needs for revolution and the need for stability are heightened in the midst of feverish idealism or fanaticism. However, there is promise in a prevailing Jupiter /Neptune trine to bring true idealism, spiritual love, and hope this month and throughout the year. Yet the tendency to use the need for safety and security to promote and enforce a dictatorial faith and fanaticism can lead to explosions from the more repressed and suppressed corners. Especially at the end of the month as Mars joins Pluto (the 28th) in the fervent fire sign of Sagittarius, we are more prone to violent reactions.

February is marked by Mars entering Capricorn (the 6th) and, unfortunately, can wave on the warmongers. Yet intellectual breakthroughs may bring science into serious service for mankind. The agenda for any one particular group, or class, looks pale in the light of the vision of a fair world. And security and safety appear to be weaker and weaker excuses for inhumanity to humanity. There may be some peace-keeping strides accomplished near mid-February, as we continue to be blessed with trines from Aquarius and Libra. Yet with Saturn and Uranus ‘rubbing each other the wrong way’, stress management prevails as a constant prerequisite on our plates, personally, socially, and globally.

An eventful March offers some warm and peaceful emotions from a New Moon in Pisces (the 10th) conjunct Venus both trining Saturn in Cancer. Yet Mars in Capricorn opposing Saturn on the 7th bodes some ‘head butting’ kind of trouble. The second half of the month may usher in some spirited attempts at healing as Mars enters Aquarius and conjoins Chiron. Underneath surface impressions some true elevation of human spirit is indeed taking place. Behind the mirage of people blaming people, there is a growing force of those looking within. The Vernal Equinox of March sets the stage for the spring and this year suggests both passionate healing and passionate fighting. An inspiring trine between Jupiter and Neptune continues to hover over offering hope, vision, and guidance.

A Total Solar Eclipse highlights the spring on April 8th. Falling in the rambunctious sign of Aries, this eclipse presents cathartic social growth. Those of the far political and religious right may find it difficult to curtail the explosive developments in the evolution of the human species, socially, sexually, and spiritually. Relationship issues may be volatile, as security concerns seem to oppress rather than provide, safety.

A new spring exercise routine is highly supported by this New Moon Eclipse in Aries opposite Jupiter so take the opportunity to get a new start. Another April eclipse (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on the 24th) falls with the Moon in Scorpio in opposition to the Sun and Venus in the sensual sign of Taurus. Strong suggestions of Goddess Gaia energy can provide us a haven in nature, in gardening, and in a particularly prolific display of spring flowers. Creativity will flourish this month for both the artist and the ‘would be’ artist. Although the battle between security and freedom continues through out the world, there seems to be a new twist of innovation surfacing to tilt the scales toward the truth of freedom, change, and political invention.

Both of April’s eclipses suggest some catharsis in relationships. We can be inspired to new arrangements early in the month and then toward the second eclipse have to grapple with the question of whether we can achieve a ‘win-win’. It becomes more and more apparent that media and communication systems within the US need some checks and balances. The themes of both secrecy and deception of the American public gather attention yet the majority suffers from lack of exposure to anything else. It is a good time to seek information from international sources be it radio, newspapers, etc in order to get a balanced view. April and May can be the time when some previously distorted reports of US domestic and international moves are revealed.

May could be a month of doubts and fears as the New Moon in Taurus (the 8th) arrives in square to Neptune, and the pessimism of a Mercury/Saturn square challenge individuals to practice faith and hope. Mid-month may bring a resurgence of violent outbreaks as Mars conjuncts Uranus in Pisces and we seem to be bankrupt of any political or religious passions not based on self-serving greed. Our oceans or ocean life may express disturbance now. This is the time to pull out the slogan ‘ let peace begin with me’, and keep it close by.
On a positive note, a New Moon in Gemini (June 6th) comes with a beautiful trine of the Sun and Moon to Neptune. These air sign trines stir our imaginations, hopes, dreams, and leave us talking to angels or ET’s in our dreams (or is it a dream?). Perhaps ‘angelic intervention’ may be called wishful thinking by some, but hope vision, and spiritual support is there, in some fashion or another. There may also be a rise of a new patriotism, religious fervor, or downright fanaticism across the world but also across the U.S.

At the time of the Summer Solstice we now have Mars in Aries opposing Jupiter and squaring the Sun – spiriting new fires and battles. But the hope Neptune trines promise in the New Moon chart of June suggests to us that spiritual support, love, and truth are here, visible or not.

For those interested in an artistic showing, or those whose place is on the stage, a special spotlight begins to shine In July as Venus and Mercury in Leo aspect Uranus and the planet Saturn enters Leo. Powerful energies move projects forward with gusto as Mars trines Pluto, yet we could also see a steamroller effect of the strong over the weak. The stresses may increase at month’s end and as August rolls in as Mars squares Saturn. Try to capture the best of this month’s energies by expressing something that is special about you, and by being pro-active toward goals and responsibilities.

In the New Moon chart of August 4th the Sun, Moon, and Mercury oppose sleepy Neptune suggesting we are either truly inspired or truly deluded. A Mars/Neptune square at the end of the month suggests the further exposition of deceptions and revealing of secrets. Sometimes it appears some unseen force is guiding us to more and more truth and bringing more and more light to the lies told. Frictions over oil resources may be particularly suspect. New technological developments in fashion combine the electronic with beautification both in clothing design and body alterations.

The New Moon of September opposes Uranus and portends great change; as tensions surface ‘something’s gotta give’. Stress management is at the top of the list and may require prioritizing and downsizing. Trying to do too many things increases the stress so cross things off your list before you even start your day!
A wonderful conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Libra lend romance and beauty - and with both sextiling Pluto there’s also potential for very great impact so…. show your talent and…pronounce your love!

At the time of the Autumnal Equinox (9/22), some harmony may descend in political arenas with the improved communication reflected in a Mercury/Sun trine to the Moon in air signs. Venus, the planet of love, in the passionate sign of Scorpio brings new light to chronic issues of opposing ideals.

Two eclipses in October highlight relationship and the turning away from old patterns in favor of new ones. Libra is highlighted in both eclipses (Annular Solar – Oct 3rd, and Partial Lunar on Oct 17th). Yet as decisions are being made about relationships and the desire for change mounts with Venus square Uranus, the confusion of a Mercury/Neptune square makes it difficult to break through chronic dysfunctional patterns. Still, some new bonds of considerable strength survive and prove durable, and can take hold with a’ love at first sight’ suddenness.
Beauty has its day this month, flourishing in all the Libran energy and enhanced by a Venus/Uranus square, so advancing artwork, or having a ‘make over’ or beautifying home or garden, are sure to be success stories.

November’s New Moon in Scorpio falls on the 1st in opposition to Mars in Taurus. Economic issues proceed, attempting to upswing through new business lines, technology, and foreign stimulation. A radical Jupiter/Uranus trine suggests some breakthroughs (or breakouts) in spite of restrictions and oppositions from ‘powers that be’.

But as December rolls around the stress over limited growth options re-ignites the ongoing conflict between age-old economic strong holds and innovative, inclusive policies of the humanitarian sectors. Powerful energies of December, including a Mars/Jupiter opposition, and a Sun/Moon trine Saturn suggest some solid agreements and compromises can be pushed through and satisfy both the practical and ideal.
Know that we are challenged; you don’t need astrology to know that. But as 2009 continues to increase intensities of our challenges, a guiding light and an unseen force of wisdom is also there for us to access.

During 2006 Jupiter will square both Saturn and Neptune, keeping the counterpoint between growth and resistance, and challenging mankind to greater vision.


2011 trends for the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac*


Allow that 'new you' to come out and be open to wonders and blessings in relationship and career. Allow flexibility at home.


This year opens the door for the birth of a new spiritual life. Work and travel hold blessing and growth.

GEMINI (MAY 21 -- JUNE 20)

Invest in your creative inspiration (or children). Balance new goals with financial limits.


Open to new, easier energy in home and with friends. Free yourself from unnecessary care taking.

LEO (JULY 23 -- AUG. 22)

New challenges to shine your best begin in July. Look to easier work; use your mental expertise.

VIRGO (AUG. 23 -- SEPT. 22)

Rebirth your creative self and find new financial power. Let in some new hope.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23 -- OCT. 22)

Life may feel easier with new enjoyment of your home environment. Create new career definition in keeping with your newfound selfhood.

SCORPIO (OCT. 23 -- NOV. 21)

New spiritual forces intervene for a new work identity. Let go of limiting career beliefs.


New financial goals are blessed and do flourish. Release your self-expression. Throw guilt away.

CAPRICORN (DEC. 22 -- JAN. 19)

Truly inspired work evolves from your inner being into manifestation. Rebirth yourself. Use aloneness for freedom.

AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 -- FEB. 18)

Spiritual inspiration calls to be expressed through you. It can lead to new work and health. Listen within for hope and vision.

PISCES (FEB. 19 -- MARCH 20)

New financial enterprise may bless career growth, alone or with a partner. Loosen up; leave your fears behind.


* Please note: Interpretation for individual signs is generalized. Much depends on other factors in the horoscope, including the signs the other planets fall in, the rising sign, and the houses

Janis Persons, local Astrologer, Hypnotherapist, and Hypnotherapy Instructor can be reached at 875-0750, [email protected], or view her website at http://www.mysticmaui.com

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