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The Web Finally Hits Prime Time

inews hawaii live broadcast
At Paradise Maui ® we are aligned with the latest technologies - setting new standards every day.

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(iNews) -- inewsHawaii® is a continuation of the old American institution, television. It is the newest American institution also, because it is live television coming to you across the internet. At first, the impact of this is not readily apparent.

In Hawaii it is important. Hawaii’s primary product is our tourists. Weddings alone provide a four hundred million dollar market annually on Maui alone. Future travelers to the islands roam the internet daily finding out all they can about the places they plan to visit. Conde Naste’s publications put Maui as the number one island destination for the past decade. When folks invest so much on their vacation, they believe it is important to inform themselves about the place they are going.

inewsHawaii® makes this task both easy and affordable. Traditionally, any institution or business wanting to get their message to their perspective customers on the mainland, have had very few options. Those options were not plentiful and they were expensive. The internet changed the possibilities of getting information off the island by making it affordable for both small businesses and large corporations.

inewsHawaii® takes the gigantic leap of providing the technology necessary to change static printed media into live television broadcasts. Everyone knows how much more exciting television is than newsprint. The same difference holds true on the web. Html pages can convey information but they don’t entertain like television.
The unheralded advance of broadband on the net is what allowed such innovation to occur so rapidly. Three years ago it was not even feasible to believe we could bring Hawaii into the heartland of America unless we were able to spend millions of dollars to advertise at half time at the Rose Bowl or some other sports extravaganza. Other forms of advertising were also expensive whether it was on the airlines, in the newspapers across America, or in entertainment or travel magazines.

inewsHawaii® changes all of this. Advertisers can now have their activities and hotels viewed in real time by anyone in the world who has a broadband connection and a modern computer. We believe this will have a major impact in the immediate future and will be every bit as revolutionary as the events that transpired in the printing industry and the communications industry. In a short time people will be watching their computers as they watched their televisions. The difference is, the people will have the ability to control completely that which they seek to watch now, not only what is presented to them via some television guide in their local newspaper.
Imagine you are in Iowa and planning to make your first visit to the islands. You’ve been saving your money for some time to make this dream vacation possible. Before
inewsHawaii® came along, where would you be able to get up to the minute news from the middle of the Pacific? Basically, nowhere.If visitors could not readily find inewsHawaii® on the web, all the technology in the world would not benefit the island advertiser. Fortunately, any user on the web who puts in the query, “Maui live broadcast” will readily find ParadiseMaui.Com’s newest division, inewsHawaii®.

You too can be part of this revolutionary capability of advertising your island business today on the mainland. E-mail your ideas about making
inews® your portal for getting all the news to your future customers before they arrive to the islands.

Maui Cams
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maui cams


maui cams

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Charley Young Beach at Kamaole 1 Beach in Kihei
maui cams,Maui cam
Sunshine Village Ski Resort Canada
maui cams,Maui cam
Boulder COLORADO , 9th & Pearl
maui cams,Maui cam
4th Avenue at G Street in Anchorage, Alaska
maui cams,Maui cam
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